Woodbury High Letter Jackets
Patch Prices Include Sewing onto Jacket

Patch Locations & Patch Removal

Name Placement (Standard Format):
Jackets will have the name embroidered on the upper right chest .

School Crest (Standard Format):
Jackets have the school crest placed under the name on the right front of jacket.

Optional Placement for Name and School Crest
(Previous Boys Format):

The Name embroidered on the upper left chest.
The School Crest placed on the left sleeve under the school year.
Chevrons sewn under the school crest.  If school crest is not selected the chevrons are sewn under the class year.

Class year sewn on upper left sleeve.

Chevrons sewn left sleeve - under the class year.

Royals placed on the back of the jacket, across the shoulder area.

School Letter "W" sewn on the left front of jacket. 

Activity and Bar patches:
Activity patches are sewn on the r
ight sleeve above the  bar patches. 
The normal placement is activity patches first (I have placed them in the order of the season that they are played: such as football activity first,  basketball activity second, track activity third, academic activity or bar forth.
Some students in the past have had  empty slots kept open for future bar patches under the activity patch.
When you bring your jacket back for more patches, activity and bar patches are placed under the last patch on the activity sleeve.   If I do not have any instructions from you I will place the patches under the last patch on the sleeve.  In some instances a second row will be needed to be started on the activity sleeve. I will match the patches up as best I can with the room that is left on the sleeve.
If you have a specific order you like, please let us know by indicating on the check out  page the placement order that you want the activity and bar patches sewn on.  You may also use the comments section located on the order page for the individual patche(s).

Captain Star sewn above the class year left sleeve . 

State patches and other large patches are sewn on the back of the jacket under the Royals patch.


Remove patch and sew patch back on jacket:

If you know that you want a patch relocated or changed, you may  remove the patch yourself to avoid the removal fee.  The removal fees and re-sewing fees are listed below.

Bar and activity patch removal - $3.00   ($6.00 if a zig-zag stitch)

Large patch removal - $5.00   ($10.00 if a zig-zag stitch)

Re-sew bar and activity patch - $5.00

Re-sew large patch - $9.00  

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