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Patch Prices Include Sewing onto Jacket

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the sizes for the patch

How will I know when my jacket is ready?
We will notify you via email when your jacket has been delivered to the WAA building.

When will My Jacket be Ready?
Normal delivery is 10-14 days.  Here is a more detailed explanation:
We try to have the jackets ready within a week from when we receive your order.  Sometimes it takes longer.  First there is the issue of having the jacket in stock.  If we need to order your size it will take longer.  Add ten days for the wool body jackets.  If it is all leather or a special order to add length to sleeves or body, then it will add 6-8 weeks.  We will let you know in advance if the latter is the case.

Next is availability of the patches to sew on the jackets.  The patches are custom made by us.  Felt must be cut.  Embroidery is added.  And finally chenille (the yarn that rises above the surface) is added.  When we have a slow period, we produce many of the common patches, so we will have them in stock when needed.
So, if we have your jacket and patches in inventory; your jacket may be ready within a week.  If we have to make the patches; and several students placed orders at the same time; it will take longer.  Rest assured we work hard to deliver them as soon as we can.

What are the sizes for the patches?

Patch Width (inches) Height (inches)
Bar Patches:    
   1 Line 3.8 1.7
   2 Lines 3.8 2.2
   3 Lines 3.8 2.3
   4 Lines 3.8 2.8
Large Patches:    
   Minnesota 5.4 6.7
   Shield 4.9 6.6
   Circle 5.5 5.5
Activity Patches Varies - 3 to 4.5 inches Varies - 3 to 4.5 inches

In what order are the patches sewn on the jacket?
Please refer to the link Patch Locations on Jacket

How do I search for patches?
Please refer to the link Tips to Search Patches

The Log In user ID is an email address.  There are two (or more) students in the family and I only want to use one email address.  What do I do?
Yea, if I had it to do over I would pick shopping cart software that uses a log in ID different than an email address.  I apologize for that.  Here is a suggestion.  You are welcome to use something different.  The important thing is to make it clear to us which student the jacket is for.
When you check out there is an area to leave comments for us.  Tell us which student this order is for.  I further suggest that you enter all of the student's names in the "First Name:" field when you create an account.  That will bring to our attention the fact that there is more than one student using this user ID. 
After a student graduates, you can remove her name from the "First Name:" field.  And as a younger student purchases a jacket, you can add his name.  This is done by logging in; click on "My Account" on the top bar; click on "View or change my account information"; change the "First Name:" field; click "update".  

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